Splunk and EMC have become super friends over the last several months since formally becoming “Strategic Alliance Partners” where EMC can now resell Splunk software licenses.  Behind every great sales and marketing partnership is some smart engineers making sure the technologies are well aligned and work well together.  A few of the Big Data Beard contributors have been part and parcel to that work and I had the privilege of sharing the outputs of that work during a recent Splunk Partner event.

The “Splunk Partner Technical Symposium” was the first time when Splunk hosted a dedicated event to train and equip their partners’ presales and delivery resources.  Training ranged from their latest offerings for Machine Learning and IT Service Intelligence to multiple partner sessions from great companies like Cisco, Amazon, Palo Alto Networks and obviously EMC.  Funny enough, EMC is such an important/strategic partner to Splunk now that we were the only vendor to have our session hosted during the joint, all hands portion of the event.  The video below is the training I provided to all the partners and Splunkers at the event and it captures both EMC’s value proposition for Splunk well, but also highlights some of the great work being done by EMC’s Splunk Ninja Team.

I hope you enjoy the session and learn why EMC is absolutely committed to helping Splunk customers build massive and efficient Splunk environments to deliver on all the incredible value customers can achieve with this great analytics software toolset.

(PS – This is the Americas version, otherwise known as round 1.  The video quality is ok, but I got much better the next week when we reran this same program for the folks in EMEA.  That video is in editing now and I will add it to this post shortly.)