From time to time, some of EMC’s partners host conferences for customers to come learn the latest trends in enterprise IT from a host of tech companies.  Back in February, a great EMC partner (and apparently equally awesome Splunk partner), Trace3 hosted their annual Evolve Conference at The Red Rocks Resort in Las Vegas and they asked me to come do a talk about the current state of Big Data and The Internet of Things in the enterprise…which was a sponsored session by both EMC and Splunk, so you can probably guess the lean of the talk.

Anyways, it was a fun, quick session of sharing Billion dollar ROI projects and ways EMC and Splunk have partnered up for customer success. After catching everyone’s attention with some killer use cases, I shifted into a technical talk about how Splunk is able to deliver on these ideas and how EMC technologies like XtremIO, ScaleIO, Isilon and VCE are deliver massive and efficient Splunk environments.

Enjoy this quick talk and let me know if you have any questions about why EMC and Splunk are awesome together!


Your bearded friend,