Starta London is coming up next and I am excited to have been asked to provide a technical breakout session at one of the most well attended Big Data events in Europe.  I’ve learned over the last several years that designing, architecting, and deploying a Big Data platform using Hadoop has become a critical responsibility for analytics practioners and their IT business partners, but getting it right still feels like a bit of “Dark Magic.” Thankfully, there are some well proven, empirical approaches that we can use to meet the needs of our users wanting Hadoop clusters leveraging commercially available hardware that follow some good old-fashioned system engineering principals.

During the session, we will pull back the covers on how Big Data applications impact underlying hardware based on real-world deployments and Dell EMC’s internal testing and benchmarking used to develop our architecture best practices.  We will teach attendees a sizing approach that considers capacity expectations, performance requirements, and the kinds of tools from the analytics ecosystems that are likely to be used.  The idea is to give both IT professionals and Hadoop users a common conversation and taxonomy to use in architecting these environments and for interacting with vendors successfully.

As a bonus, we will also show attendees that they can shed off much of the complexity associated with deploying these environments successfully by taking advantage of Dell EMC’s Blueprint Solutions for Hadoop.  These are highly tested and rigorously engineering configurations of Dell EMC’s industry leading technologies validated to work exceptionally well by both Cloudera and Hortonworks.  Hundreds of customers around the world have successfully deployed these workloads faster, with less risk, and at lower cost thanks to the value-added work we provide as part of our Blueprint Solutions.

If you happen to be in London, it would be great to see you there.  My session is being held in Capital Suite 4 at 2:55PT on Wednesday, May 24th.  We will also have a bunch of really smart folks hanging out at our booth in the expo hall that would be happy to chat.  For all the details about what Dell EMC has going on at Strata next week, please visit our landing page for the latest updates.

This is going to be a pretty excellent start to my six week trip to Europe.  For more detail on my travels , visit my other post at Big Data Beard.


Cory “The Beard” Minton