Yep, that is my travel map for the next 6 weeks starting this Saturday, May 20th…

It turns out, conference season is in full effect in Europe in the spring and integration season after the Dell acquisition of EMC last year is still well underway.   That means we have lots of chances to talk with customers at conferences and we have an opportunity to train and enable our combined (and totally awesome) sales and presales teams on all the goodness of the new Dell EMC Blueprint Solutions for Data Analytics.  So, instead of going back and forth four times this spring to get to all the goodness I want (need), I decided that it would be better for the beard to just go to Europe and stay for 6 straight weeks (don’t worry, the family is coming along and you can follow that side of my life in travel at

It all started when I was asked to speak at Strata Conference in London.  I’ve been asked to present a breakout session called “Real World Architecture and Deployment Best Practices” on May 24th at 2:55pm to help share some ideas for cluster sizing and showcase some of the knowledge we’ve acquired at Dell EMC around real Hadoop deployments.  It is a real honor to have a chance to speak at such a prestigious conference in our industry!

Then we began planning a training for the Big Data Champions team in EMEA for June where we will bring some of the best and brightest from across Dell EMC presales and make them even smarter!  And then I realized that both IoT/Blockchain World Congress and International Super Computing are taking place in May and June too and promise to be incredible places to learn the latest trends and talk with some innovative customers.  So, the decision was easy; stick around Europe for a while and use the time to go see customers and partners and use any spare time to collaborate with Dell EMC sales and presales teams around the region to update them on all the goodness coming out of our Blueprint Solutions and Technology Alliances organization.  Boom…a massive road trip is born.

It is going to be a wild ride and one I want to make best use of, so if I can be useful to you at some point along the way, just let me know – or tweet at me directly at @cory_minton.

Here is the plan for the trip (please note, this is all subject to change…work with me directly if you have questions):

  • May 22-26 – London
    • Open for Customer Meetings May 22nd and 23rd and 26th in the morning
    • Big Data Office Hours Brentford – May 22 from 9-12
    • Big Data Office Hours Leadenhall – May 23 from 9-12
    • Strata Conference is evening of 23rd through 25th
    • Departing London around 3 pm
  • May 30-31 – Paris
    • Open for Customer Meetings
    • Big Data Office Hours Paris – May 30th from 9-12
  • June 1-2 – Berlin
    • IoT and Block Chain Conference
  • June 5-6 – Madrid/Barcelona
    • Spain and Portugal Core Presales Bootcamp in Madrid on 5th
    • Customer meeting scheduled in Barcelona on 6th
  • June 7-9 – Amsterdam
    • Open for Customer Meetings June 7th-9th
    • Big Data Office Hours Amsterdam – June 7th from 9-12
  • June 12-16 – Vacation
  • June 19-23 – Frankfurt
    • Attending ISC June 19-21
    • Open for Customer Meetings June 22nd-23rd
    • Big Data Office Hours Frankfurt – June 22nd from 9-12
  • June 26-28 – Milan
    • Open for Customer Meetings June 26th afternoon until morning of 28th
    • Big Data Office Hours Milan – June 27th from 9-12
  • June 28-30 – Pisa
    • EMEA Data Analytics Champions Boot Camp in Pisa
  • Flying home from Rome

The “Office Hours” session are internal sessions for Dell EMC employees.  Here is a bit more detail:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.39.03 AM

Along the way, I will be updating with tales from the road…all these conferences and connections with the fine folks across Europe are bound to create some good learnings and memorable experiences.

Stay tuned to @bigdatabeard as we will be posting updates from Dell EMC World and the recent round of Big Data Conferences from around the world.  And we should be welcoming some new contributors to the BigDataBeard team shortly and seeing activity from of our tried and true friends as well.  We have come out of our shell of integration a bit and now are refocused on good works…it’s a great time to be alive!

I’ll see you folks across the pond soon!


The Beard 

PS – #iworkforDell