We are tired of typing…but here we go.

BigDataBeard.com has been the home of evangelists and specialists in big data sharing trends in the big data space, especially around architecture and infrastructure supporting big data.  It is the mission of Big Data Beard to share collective experiences, knowledge, and best practices for the education and the betterment of the data driven community.


It is with a great deal of excitement and a generous application beard oil that we launch the new Big Data Beard Podcast.



Just as in our blogs, we will strive to provide interesting news on evolutions in big data architectures and views from interesting people with compelling experiences actually building solutions to derive value from data. Perhaps even more educational at times, will be the fun and sometimes stupid applications that may leave our contributors’  beards singed or tangled, but certainly grayer and wiser.


You will have the opportunity to develop personal connections with our hosts and guests as they share stories from the road, where they have traveled, events they will be attending or speaking, and related experiences of technologists working in the real-world enterprise.  Our beards collect crumbs of knowledge we hope to share…incidentally they also collect everything from potato chips to warm beer, from poutine to wine, from curry to vodka.   Anyhow, join us on the new podcast where we will be helping cultivate longer, silkier, fuller, bushier and more eclectic Big Data Beards of the future.