2019 has been a wild ride for the Big Data Beard podcast with a ton of great shows, all culminating in Season 5 and the epic Road Trip to Splunk .conf.  During this episode, the team shares stories from the road, hard lessons learned in building the IOT RV and discuss the key takeaways from all of the incredible conversations we had in 2019.  And with the holidays just around the corner, we talk about the tinkering we have planned for the holiday season and why Erin is considering crafting a raft to cross the Caribbean.
This will be the last episode of Season 5 of the podcast and the last one for 2019…but this is not the end.  While we are going to have some changes to publishing schedules in 2020, we want your feedback on what you want to hear from the Big Data Beard podcast.  Comment below or on Twitter (or email Brett) and guide us on our search in 2020 for the most interesting and inspiring use cases of AI and Big Data changing our world!