The Genesis of #UnofficialTriDellEMCSplunk: Splunkers, Ninjas, and Architects as Endpoints in the Internet of Things

Splunk is the leading platform for machine data, and Dell EMC provides industry leading converged and hyper-converged infrastructure as Splunk validated solutions to ensure customers meet or exceed Splunk performance requirements.  Dell EMC and Splunk enjoy a unique relationship, including certified (possibly in some cases even certifiable) engineers, architects, and managers devoted to helping customers solve complex business problems with Splunk and Dell EMC.  In addition to being Splunk Systems Engineers, Splunk Architects, VMware Certified Professionals, EMC Cloud Architects, and a host of other things, many of these individuals happen to be runners, cyclists, and triathletes.

It is a desire to leverage these two passions: the passion for Splunk with Dell EMC, and a passion for endurance sports that brings us to the genesis of #UnofficialTriDellEMCSplunk.  The intent is to provide an informal and unofficial mechanism to:

  • Foster public awareness of Dell EMC, Splunk, the alliance relationship and the great work we are doing collectively
  • Advance technical knowledge of Splunk and Dell EMC
  • Drive social benefit in our communities
  • Have fun

As we have said, Splunk is the leading platform for machine data, and there are few more complex machines than we ourselves.  The proliferation of sensors and sensor data is not remotely limited to things like servers, pipeline pressures, engine temperatures, web sites, and seismic data.  Smart phones and watches, fitness apps, heart rate monitors, digital scales, cadence sensors, and power meters generate a myriad of data about us as biomechanical endpoints.

At many points in our lives we are told to go do things to ourselves that may not be anatomically possible or leastwise extremely difficult and uncomfortable.  As part of our goal to advance knowledge of Splunk and Dell EMC we are going to try to do something that is very possible, and because of the ease of use and rich features of Splunk, neither extremely difficult nor uncomfortable – we are going to endeavor to go Splunk ourselves.

If you are interested in Splunk, Dell EMC, or endurance sports we highly encourage you to follow us.  If you are a Splunker or Dell EMC architect with a passion for endurance sports and IoT we highly encourage you to join us on this journey.