As you know, this year a few of the Big Data Beard team members ran the Spartan Sprint Race at Fenway Park. It was an amazing experience and we even have a video to talk about our thoughts on the race, but the most important part was the support, both emotional and financially that we received.

We were able to raise $1,075 and $600 of those dollars will be matched. So in total, we raised $1,675 for Our SAM Foundation. This is amazing and a HUGE impact in the work that is being done at the foundation. On average, it takes $500 to sponsor someone… that is THREE people that you have helped with sober living.

But just because the race is over does not mean that you can not still donate :). Just make sure you let them know it is for Big Data Beard please.

Again, we could not have done this without you! Through the cold, jet lag, out of shape bodies, YOU kept us going and helped us finish the race! We thank YOU!