The Big Data Beard Podcast is back!  To kick off our first episode of season 6, Cory Minton sits down with Amy Tenanes, Product Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies and Flavio Junqueira, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies to talk about all things streaming.  In today’s modern analytics world, streaming data is critical component that allows organizations to get the real-time insights to drive business decisions.  Streams however provide challenges to traditional analytics platforms.  Amy and Flavio dive into these challenges and introduce Pravega, an Apache open-source project that provides a new storage abstraction for continuous and unbounded data.  The team discusses how Pravega solves unique challenges, how it compares to other open-source projects and how organizations are using Pravega today.  Amy and Flavio also share how Dell Technologies has incorporated Pravega into Dell’s Streaming Data Platform, a new solution designed specifically to help organization easily and quickly get value out of their data streams.

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This podcast was sponsored by Dell Technologies