Two of our very own Big Data Beard contributors, me (Cory) and Dean, had the opportunity to present on a Splunk hosted webcast talking about all the goodness happening with Splunk and Dell EMC.  We were joined by Jenny Hollfelder, Splunk SE for Global Alliances focused on Dell EMC, who kicked things off with a talk about Splunk’s unique capabilities and why our their partnership with Dell EMC is good for their customers…it was actually really nice to hear her perspective as validation of what we have been trying to accomplish!

Then, the mic was passed to me and I gave a quick run down of the platforms from Dell EMC relevant to Splunk and the work we’ve done to validate their capabilities.  I then walked through the Top 10 Deployment Best Practices for Splunk on Dell EMC (which may be familiar to some already).

We saved the best for last though…Dean took the virtual stage and showcased not only the work our teams have been doing around Splunk app development (of which he is a huge part) but he also took us on a journey with him through Splunk’s premium IT Service Intelligence App showcasing integrations he has been working on since achieving his ITSI specialist certification.

This is a great video for those looking to hear more about how Dell EMC and Splunk are partnering for customer success.


Cory (The Beard)