Recently Kyle Prins and I were afforded the great honor and privilege to speak at Splunk .conf 2017 in Washington D.C..   Our objective was essentially three fold:

  1. Talk about typical customers’ Splunk journey with real world examples
  2. Provide insights on how customers and Dell EMC can help make that journey faster, more flexible, and more efficient
  3. To have fun with the conversation

At the time of our writing one of our favorite shows about familial love, zombies, and large lizards was concluding it’s season so we hit upon a highly appropriate theme.  One of the biggest struggles customers face is making the transition from Splunk proof of concept (POC) or small/mid rage deployment to Splunk as a full fledged enterprise deployment that is manageable, elastic, and scalable.  Like dragons, Splunk held captive can be stunted and have difficulty growing to its full awesome potential.  Undersized resources may have to be replaced all too soon like so many charred goats.  (And by the way – How big of a flock do you really want to have to manage?)  So paralleling the wisdom of one of the greatest wits of modern literature we hit upon it:  Dragons and Splunk do not do well in captivity.  How do we know this?  We drink and Splunk, and therefore know things.

Unfortunately due to travel schedules and lead times with my favorite online retailer I was unable to don a platinum blond wig and a “Bend the Knee” or “Mutha of Dragons” T-shirt, however keep that image in mind as you review the attached presentation from .conf.  I hope it gives you some ideas, insights, and assistance going forward in your Splunk journey.

DellEMC_Splunkconf2017_Dragons and Splunk_v04_20170915