Splice Machine announced the company’s new data science workbench, ML Manager, at the Spark + AI Summit 2019 held April 23-25, in San Francisco, CA.  Cory caught up with Splice Machine’s founder and CEO, Monte Zweben, about how Splice Machine bridges the gap between operational databases and the tools used by data scientists to power a modern AI platform. Splice Machine’s new Data Science Workbench, called ML Manager, empowers data science teams to maximize the performance of their machine learning models by removing the latency associated with building complex data pipelines, performing cumbersome transformations and training models on updated data.
At the Spark+AI Summit, Monte presented, “Without Operational AI, Your ML Model is Stale” which will discussed how companies can integrate OLTP, OLAP and ML capabilities in a unified platform to make intelligent decisions in real time using data at scale. The resulting SQL platform reduces data movement and therefore enables training on real-time data and testing on real-time data leading to better decision-making.
This podcast was recorded at Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco, California in April 2019.
Without Operational AI, Your ML Model is Stale – Monte’s talk from Spark+AI Summit
Splice Machine’s Use of Apache Spark and MLFlow – Splice talk from Spark+AI Summit from Gene Davis
Homo Deus – Book recommendation (Cory is reading currently)
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