It is a real pleasure to have Brett Roberts join the Big Data Beard squad as our newest contributor.  Not only is he a smart engineer, but he is also bearded…and a veteran of the U.S. Army.  Here’s a quick bio about our good friend and look for some great content from him soon!

Brett is passionate about technology and solving business challenges.  He is focused driving business relevance by helping organizations understand and optimize their business using data and analytics. 

Brett is currently a data analytics Systems Engineer at Dell EMC and prior to that was the Big Data Tech Lead for the Dell EMC Technology Alliances organization.  Before joining Dell EMC, Brett served in the U.S. Army in various officer roles.  He has a Masters in International Management and an MBA from the University of Maryland.   Brett currently resides in Boston, MA…Go Pats!

You can follow him on Twitter at @broberts2261 or on his LinkedIn Profile. 


PS – Brett is a competitor of the highest order and I applaud his commitment to winning and to serving our country.  I also love that he did not shy away from a stupid game of disgusting drink challenges that me and Kyle put him through as sort of an indoctrination.  He won and paid the price of something with habanero in it…but it earned him this spot!