Recorded at the Splunk’s Sales Kick-off in Las Vegas, Cory Minton and Brett Roberts sit down with Big Data Beard podcast Alumnus, Bill Emmett and first time guest Dylan Klausing to dive into one of Splunk recent acquisitions, VictorOps.  Last year, Splunk acquired VictorOps, an incident management platform that is purpose built to help teams “Make On-Call Suck Less”.  Bill and Dylan provide an insight into how VictorOps is a powerful extension to the powerful and popular Splunk platform.  While Splunk has been historically great in surfacing alerts, VictorOps takes it a step further and provides a better ability to get that alert in the hands of someone who can drive it to the solution.  Cory and Brett dive into the software and explore what’s next with the platform and its integration with Splunk.  

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