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Moving along –  coursera’s machine learning week 3 recap

What does week 3 hold for the Big Data Beard Team on the Machine Learning Course? In this week’s episode Kyle Prins makes his first appearance to give his thoughts and tips on the Machine Learning Course. Thomas misses his deadline and has to tell the group how he is going to catch up. Erin is able to complete week 3 and offers tips on how to continue to push through. Also we discuss if a Trapper Keeper counts as a carry on….

Machine Learning Syllabus Week 3

  • Logistic Regression – Classification modeling done to filter out SPAM or NOT SPAM in popular email filtering applications.
  • Regularization – Introduction to regularization a new model used to prevent over-fitting.

Learn more about Coursera’s Machine Learning – Andrew Ng week 3 and how Erin, Kyle, and Thomas did this week in the video below.

Video – Machine Learning – Andrew Ng Week 3


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