A lot of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversations that are being had today revolve around how AI is influencing government and business but in this week’s episode, Brett and Cory sit down with Anna Bethke from Intel to talk about how her team is driving AI for social good initiative around the globe.  From anti-poaching to counting whales, Anna, the Head of AI for social good within the Intel AI products group, outlines some of the really cool and impactful projects her team is driving to better society.  Brett and Cory also get Anna’s opinion on the ethics of AI, the state of AI bias and some of the top trends she is seeing.
This podcast was recorded at the fantastic O’Reilly Media AI Conference in NYC.  In addition to interviewing great leaders in the AI space link Anna, the Big Data Beard team got to attend a variety of sessions and get a sense of the bleeding edge of AI.  If you missed this conference, don’t worry there are three more left this year.  Click here to get the schedule and promo codes to save you 15% off your conference pass.
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