From a DVD company to a streaming company to a producer of some our favorite shows, Netflix has been at the forefront of media and entertainment innovation since the late 90’s.  Today, Netflix touts over 148 million subscribers, accounts for nearly 15% of all global streaming traffic AND is the largest content producer with a $12 billion dollar content budget alone. Recorded at Rev2,  Cory and Brett get to sit down with Michelle Ufford, former Head of Data Science Tools at Netflix to better understand how Netflix is using data and data science to create a unique and awesome experience for its subscribers.  Michelle gives us insights into the open, collaborative and experimentation culture of Netflix that has been a major contributor to Netflix’s success.  The team also dives into the different tools and technology that Netflix is using to drive the variety of data analytics use cases.  So press pause on your episode of Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black and check out this exciting episode!




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