Pivotal’s mission is to transform the way in which people and companies build software.  From Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Greenplum, this company has been at the forefront of innovation and open source collaboration.  Cory and Brett get to sit down with one of the industries’ great technologist Chad Sakac, who leads Pivotal’s strategy and development around Kubernetes.  Kubernetes has been seen as a deployment methodology of the future for all workloads including Big Data and AI.  Cory and Brett pick Chad’s brain about how Pivotal is incorporating Kubernetes into their products through Pivotal Container Services and how this can help drive Data Analytics and AI workloads into the future.  Chad also provides unique insights into the history of Kubernetes and containers and provides parallels to the rise of virtualization.  The team then gets a look into Pivotal’s strategy and portfolio for Data Analytics today and in the future.


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