Move over Justin Bieber, National Geographic is coming through!  Thats right, when it comes to Instagram, National Geographic is a pretty big deal.  Their total followers exceed some notable celebrities such as Drake, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian and that’s right, Justin Bieber.  With over 118 Million followers, National Geographic is in fact the biggest brand on Instagram.  Recorded at Disney’s Data and Analytics Conference, Cory and Brett sit down with National Geographic Partner’s own Brad Dancer and Mia Vallo from the Insights, Analytics & Data Strategy team.  This team is responsible for overseeing all insights, analytics and business intelligence across National Geographic including social media.  Brad and Mia discuss the role that analytics played in becoming the biggest brand on Instagram and the journey that Nat Geo took to get to where they are today.  The team talks about some of the challenges, key lessons and best practices to driving platform engagement to the next level.
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