With over 2.5 billion card holders making 74 billion transactions a year, MasterCard has a huge responsibility to ensure not only that these transactions are processed in a timely manner but that each and every transaction is safe and secure.  From Dell Technologies World, Cory and Brett sit down with Nick Curcuru, VP of Data Analytics and Cyber Security to get an insight into this massive challenge and understand how MasterCard is solving this problem.  From being an early adopter in Hadoop to embracing AI technologies, MasterCard is not a credit card company, they are a technology company and Nick provides an overview of the technologies and partnerships MasterCard is leveraging to not only focus on today but to help them get to where they need to be in 5 years and beyond.  Check out how MasterCard is dealing with the massive scale of their business while also ensuring they are staying 3 steps ahead of fraudulent activity.


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