Databricks Series-E Funding

In 2019 we have already seen a huge funding announcement in the Big Data Ecosystem. Early this month Databricks raised 250 million in Series-E funding for a 2.5 billion valuation. The Big Data Beard team has been all over this news.

Databricks is an analytics company founded by the creators of Spark. The primary product for Databricks is their Unified Analytics Platform helps Data Engineers work through complicated Big Data pipelines with Spark.

Debating the Databricks Valuation

In this episode of Big Data Beard YouTube Thomas Henson and Brett Roberts dig into the announcement from the Databricks funding and valuation. Beyound the announcement the Big Data Beard team discuss what the impact for the Big Data community is in 2019 with mergers and fundings. Be sure to checkout the video to learn what the Databricks funding announcement means for Data Engineers in 2019.

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