SAS Chief Data Scientist Get’s Real with The Beards
Anytime you talk big data these days, you are bound to hear artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning brought up and often by folks who really don’t understand the difference. That’s ok; that’s the fun with buzzwords. Today we have someone on the show who knows the differences and knew them before they were trending on google.
Wayne Thompson, Chief Data Scientist at SAS, is a globally recognized presenter, teacher, practitioner and innovator in the fields of data mining and machine learning. Over the course of his 25 year tenure at SAS, Wayne has been credited with bringing to market landmark SAS analytics technologies, including SAS Text Miner, SAS Credit Scoring for Enterprise Miner, SAS Model Manager, SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler, SAS Visual Statistics and more. His current focus initiatives include easy to use self-service data mining tools along with deep learning and cognitive computing tool kits.
It’s pretty obvious why Wayne is so successful when you hear him speak and it was such a pleasure to spend time with an incredibly bright and gracious gentleman that is driving innovation in one of the most important companies in analytics today. Tune in an learn from one of the best in the business!
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