In episode 29, Cory Minton from the Big Data Beard team sits down with John Lambert from SAS & Matt Maccaux from Dell EMC to understand how these companies are partnering together to enable exploratory analytics to organizations.  John talks about some of the technology advancements that SAS has made in recent years around its new cloud based platform SAS Viya and how this is proving modern techniques and tools to help facilitate the citizen data scientist.  Matt goes on to discuss how Blue Data and containerization is enabling companies to leverage platforms like SAS Viya and allow their data scientists to dive into the data without putting production environment at risk.
The team will be attending Spark + AI Summit June 4-6 in San Francisco and we’ll be talking with some of the powerhouse attendees for listening pleasure.  We’d love for you to join us, so use our promo code “Ref-6851” for 15% off your conference registration and say hi if you are there!
We are also excited to announce that the Big Data Beard is now a partner of the Disney Data Analytics Conference that is taking place on August 28th & 29th in Orlando, FL.  Stay tuned to our next episode for a chance to win a free pass to this incredibly cool event.
Music from this episode is by Andrew Belle.