Join Cory and Erin as they sit down with Stuart Bashford, CDO at Bühler Group to discuss how IOT, data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are impacting food production. Today, we loose or waste 30% of the food we produce as it travels along the supply chain and at this rate, there are growing concerns about being able to feed the planet with healthy and nutritious food in the future. Stuart discussion how Bühler is helping solve this problem and enabling massive improvements in food production processes. Cory and Erin explore how Stuart and the team at Bühler are undergoing their own digital transformation and how this digitization can make an impact to better being able to feed the planet.


Stuart Bashford’s LinkedIn
Bühler Group
Microsoft & Buhler Partnership
Azure IOT Services
Microsoft Ignite
Satya Nadella Keynote @ Ignite
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