In episode 41, our hosts Erin K. Banks and Cory Minton spoke with Rob Antczak, Chief Technology Officer of PowerAdvocate, A Verisk Analytics business. Their SaaS platform is called “Energy Intelligence Platform” and is six products focused on bringing suppliers together and a mechanism to understand where the dollars are going. The platform provides insight to Electric Utility and Oil and Gas customers. They have 85% of the North American market in electric utilities and oil and gas. The platform is to improve and help analyze spend (purchasing materials and labor) and understand the information and data at a granular level. This in turn helps them go to market as well evaluate and negotiate with vendors as to what the items should cost. Rob goes into great detail about the platform, where all this data has come from, the importance of security, and the data management process.
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Music from this episode is by Andrew Belle.  Please go check him out…you’ll thank us!
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