Smarterware: IoT Food Storage from Ovie
Ovie, a Chicago based tech startup, has combined hardware, software, and machine learning to create a smart food storage system that will eliminate waste and change the way people eat, save, and shop for food.  Founders Ty, Dave, Stacie sat down with the Big Data Beard to talk about how their innovative, IoT-enabled food storage solution can help solve the massive problem of food waste around the world.
This absolutely beautiful and stunningly simply product aims to integrate into your smart home seamlessly with Alexa integration and a big data powered app that not only monitors your fridge inventory, but also helps guide you to recipes that combine the food already in your fridge.  The Ovie team just wrapped up a super successful Kickstarter campaign is looking to start shipping product in early 2019.
Hear first hand what it’s like to found an IoT startup; from taking the leap out of comfortable employment to the epic experience of showcasing your creation at CES.
We missed talking with the final co-founder of the Ovie team, Scott Wilson and we will try to track him down…really impressive gent.
If you want to see this interview, be sure to check it out on YouTube.


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