In this episode of the Big Data Beard Podcast, Cory and Brett chat with Disney’s very own Becky Kirby and Teddy Benson about the most magical technology conference of the year… Disney Data Analytics Conference.  For years, Disney has been a data analytics pioneer using their massive amounts of data to enhance their customer’s experience from the second they arrive at the park to the moment they leave.  The team chatted with Teddy, Director of Data Integration at Disney, about his team’s role in integrating and analyzing the tons of data Disney collects with the goal of always enhancing their visitor’s magical experience.  Teddy talks about the challenges, use cases and trends that his team is seeing day in and day out.  The team also got a sneak preview from Becky into what is in store at Disney’s 18th Data Analytics Conference to include themes, speakers and a party that will be sure to be the talk of the industry for the next year.  Tune in to hear more and to see how the Big Data Beard team can get you a discount to attend this magical conference.
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Music from this episode is by Andrew Belle.