Splunk .conf is one of the best attended and most fun analytics conferences all year and we want to extend the excitement while getting even more Splunky.  So we are going on a ROAD TRIP!!!

Check out our video explaining the whole idea:

Our idea is to grab a RV, setup some IoT sensors, build an edge computing environment, and pack up the Big Data Beard recording equipment for an epic road-trip across the country for the weeks leading up to .conf from Boston to Vegas.  We have partnered up with Dell, Red River Technologies, and Arrow Electronics to build this #IoTRV…not to mention they are each massive Splunk partners with great stories about how their work makes Splunk for IoT easy.

With the power of Splunk and our sponsors, we will capture data, discover trends, predict failures, and discover more exciting ways to use Splunk to drive value from machine generated data across the country.

Each day we will be starting with a new morning show called “Breakfast with The Beards.”  This will be streaming live on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check in! Every afternoon we will also publish a podcast with a local Splunker, customer, or partner we’ve met along the way. We’ll also be stopping in local user groups, so be sure to say hi!

Join us for an epic road-trip to .conf starting on October 7, 2019!  Here’s a little preview of what you can expect:

tour list small

Check out our live dashboards

We’ve outfitted our RV with IoT sensors that are sending data into Splunk. Check out our live dashboards here once we hit the road October 7th!

Dashboard for Website

Pick our music on Spotify

You can also be our DJ. Check out what songs we have listened to, what’s on our current playlist and even suggest our next song!  Just not too much Justin Bieber, please…

Real time map

Wondering where we’re at? Check out below. If you’re feeling generous, send us a pizza! Hawaiian please. We know this is just a photo, once we start the trip, we will update this with a live view. 🙂

Activity at .Conf 2019

We’re also presenting at .conf 2019! Check out our session on Wednesday Oct 23 at 12:30 PM for a full recap of our journey. Click here for the full info.

We will also be showcasing our IOT RV at .conf and giving away some stickers.  Make sure you find us!

Thanks for the support from our sponsors!

This couldn’t be possible without the support of these wonderful partners. Give them a check out.